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20" – 34-½" Steel Telescoping Suction Pipe

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Fill-Rite propose des tuyaux d'aspiration de transfert de carburant en acier durable et en polypropylène, parfaits pour une utilisation dans les bacs, les fûts et les petits réservoirs de transfert.
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Tuyau d'aspiration télescopique en acier20"– 34-½"


Tuyau d'aspiration télescopique en polypropylène28"– 46" avec soufflets


The 1200KTG9099 is a 1", telescoping, steel suction pipe that extends 20" to 34-½".

  • Telescoping and Multi-Piece — Fill-Rite offers telescoping and multi-piece suction pipes that can be shortened, extended, and custom configured based on the length requirement of your tank and application
  • Steel and Polypropylene — Fill-Rite offers both heavy-duty steel suction pipes (recommended for fuel transfer) and durable polypropylene suction pipes (recommended for chemical and industrial fluid transfer)
  • Multiple Diameters Available — with suction pipe diameters from ½" to 1", Fill-Rite can meet the suction requirements for your drum, IBC tote, or mobile fuel tank
  • Tall Aboveground Storage Tanks — Fill-Rite does not offer 1-¼" suction pipes for AC product lines, instead we recommend users purchase a 1-¼" galvanized steel pipe from a local hardware store and custom cut it to the required length

You work through all kinds of conditions, so why shouldn’t your fuel transfer pump? For over 60 years, Fill-Rite has set the standard for reliable fuel transfer pumps, meters, and accessories.

Our customers recognize Fill-Rite for its durability and years of elite performance in the field. Proudly manufactured in the USA, Fill-Rite equipment is constructed with heavy-duty materials to withstand rugged everyday use, extreme weather exposure, and both on and off-road applications.

Fill-Rite is supported by a wide network of distributors and retailers, ensuring you will always be able to find replacement parts and rebuild kits for your fuel transfer equipment.